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Chinese Embassy Spokesperson’s Remarks
2023-08-01 13:04

Q: Recently, there are some online news that some Chinese businessmen are conducting business and some Chinese tour guides are working in Thailand, snatching Thai’s of their job opportunities. Many Thai people call for the government to strictly investigate and ban illegal Chinese business in Thailand. What is the view of the Embassy?

A: Thailand and China enjoy friendlly relations with close economic and trade ties. China is Thailand’s main exporting markets, source of foreign investment, and group of foreign tourists. Trade and investment cooperation, as well as people to people exchanges between the two countries, are carried out on a mutually beneficial basis, benefiting the two countries’ respective development and the well being of the people from both countries.

We have noted relevant online remarks lately. We believe that an objective and rational perspective needs to be adopted with regard to individual problems occurring with a small number of individuals, and that any partial phenomenon should in no way speak for all Chinese citizens and enterprises in Thailand as a whole.

What deserves vigilance is that some external forces harbouring ill intention are, for quite some time, using their cyber forces to hype up related issues, with a view to smear China, sow discord between the Chinese and the Thai people, and sabotage Sino-Thai cooperation. We firmly oppose this and will work with Thai people from all works of life to safegard the good momentum of development that China and Thailand enjoy.

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