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Notice on the Visa Requirements for Foreign Students Applying for X1 Visa
2022-08-21 20:44

Starting from August 22, 2022, the Embassy and Consulates General of the People’s Republic of China in Thailand will accept foreign students who wants to apply for X1 visa for long-term academic education. Foreign students who have ‘Visa Application for Study in China’(JW201/202) and ‘Admission Notice’ (for new students) / ‘Certificate of Permission to Return Campus’ (for returning students) can apply for X1 visa after reserving a flight ticket to China. The visa processing time usually takes one week.  

In addition, family members of a foreign student can also apply for a visa to accompany or visit  the student, with the invitation letter issued by the student, certification showing the relationship of family members between applicant and the student , a copy of the student’s passport and a valid Chinese residence permit of the student.

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